About Us

Soapsdaily.com is a newly formed company, a havenful of self-created Vegan  Bastille Soaps made together with healing beautifying natural oils for adults and kids that are incredibly affordable.

Tired of slapping on chemicals that are harmful and toxic; we are not just hurting ourselves but also the environment, we decided enough is enough. Hence we embarked on this arduous journey of creating a safe, environment friendly and economical everyday soap aka "The Better Everyday Soap".

Mostly organic, pro-vegan and natural, we source endlessly all over for the purest, most effective ingredients ever to create our own line of bastille soaps.

We want you to be able to read what’s on the labels, nothing complicated. In fact, most can be consumed, how safe is that! (We are not telling you to eat it!)

Gone are the days where we thought we had to be a scientist just to be able to read what's on the label of our daily essentials that we apply on ourselves. That was indeed a very well-kept lie!

The Soapy Team ;))